1. Computer and Accessory Sales Authorized Intel, Microsoft, Novell, and Asus Business Partner. Reliable solutions for all budgets. Yes, we speak DOS! Advanced custom-built computers are both a specialty and a pleasure.

2. Computer and Accessory Service and Repairs Sales are backed-up by the rare ability to service your equipment in-house, rather than forwarding it to a questionable 3rd-party for repair. Units are repaired at the component-level, rather than wasting your money, and telling you “It can’t be fixed, buy a new one!”

3. Network Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades Regular Wired, and Wireless Networks for all sizes of Homes and Businesses.

4. Electronic and Stereo Repairs and Restorations Repairs, Restorations and Upgrades to Receivers, Amplifiers, Tuners, Turntables, Gramophones, Cassette Decks, Reel-to-Reel, CD, DVD, VCR, VHS, LCD and LED TV’s, Shortwave and Ham Equipment.

5. Custom Speaker and Subwoofer Projects Our custom speakers and subwoofers use the highest quality American and Japanese components. Each one is custom-designed for your environment, using the most advanced acoustic software available. Construction of the wooden cabinets is subcontracted to local master carpenters, constructed from the highest quality aircraft-grade plywood, and finished with exotic solid-wood veneers of your choice.

6. Restoration of Vintage Stereo Equipment Specialties are the complete restoration of 1930’s and younger vacuum-tube and analog-transistor radio equipment.

7. Voltage Conversions and Transformers For your American appliances, we offer the options to convert appliances to operate under a 230Volt system, or to supply you with American- and Israeli-made Mains Transformers.

On complete restorations, the work is backed up by a 5-year no-nonsense warranty.