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My Arcam AVR400 recently started fizzing and dropping to standby, the last time taking with it the HDMI output, which meant I had no option but to fix it or spend $$$ on a new unit.
With Menahem’s help, I created component maps for each PCB which Menahem reviewed, corrected, optimized and returned.
He then sent me a new parts kit of over 200 components and also advised what new tools I would need to do the job.
After a fair few hours of soldering work, I now have a working system again!
It sounds great and runs so much cooler than before, barely warm now compared to red hot previously.
There’s no way I could have done this repair without Menahem’s in-depth knowledge and support.

Andrew Williams, Wellington, New Zealand

My ARCAM AVR350 was turning off after a few seconds. I contacted different companies in the US with no success.
Then I contacted CondorAudio, and the answer from Menahem showed me that he knows his field.
He quoted a fair price for the overhaul, with clear instructions how to remove the respective circuit boards.
A few days after he received my boards, he updated me that the overhaul was complete.

Now my Arcam works perfectly, with much improved sound quality.
This man is an expert! I certainly recommend him.

Jeremie Falzone, Tampa, FL, USA

I had an extraordinary pleasant experience buying a Pioneer Shortwave car radio from I found this  to be the only place to buy such a radio.
It was fast and simple to get this import. Highly recommended to all radio lovers looking for a rare kind of car radio.
Many thanks and 73 to Menahem!

Gabriel Setti, Ramsey, NJ, USA

My Arcam CD23T CD player sounds fantastic. I’ve been listening to it the last 3 days. You did a great job.
The noise is gone, and it sounds better than before.
Thanks a lot! This was worth it for me. Your attention to detail and care is appreciated!
I’m rediscovering my CD collection!

Jerome Sabbagh, Brooklyn, NY, USA

I’ve finally got my Arcam AVR350 back from my repairman. He confided to me that the first tech made a few mistakes.
His most experienced tech then resolved the problems, with your help.
I’m listening to my Arcam CD player and Receiver with my new Kef LS50’s. Sounds wonderful.
Thank you very much for your kit, insight and knowledge. I would recommend you to any Arcam owner.

Steve Pogson, Midland, ON, Canada

I am enjoying exquisite sound on my restored 1966 Thorens TD124. It was well worth the wait for the E50 motor overhaul, and MKII upgrade. Thank you so much for your excellent work!

Arnold Kisch, Jerusalem, Israel

After your comprehensive upgrade, my Arcam AVR600 is now with me for a couple of weeks, and I’m very happy with the results.
The amp is running much cooler than before (hot but not too hot), and the fans do not activate.
Thank you so much!

Anoep Panchoe, Rotterdam, Netherlands

After your thorough overhaul and restoration, I just reinstalled my 20-year-old Boston VR2000 Subwoofer into my system, using THX input, and put on “The Account”. It has a part firing a very large rifle, perfect for testing the subwoofer. Everything works perfectly, with no loud hum anymore. Thank you for all your help.

Joseph Grenon, Somers, CT, USA

I installed your Arcam AVR350 repair/upgrade kit. Instructions were excellent, first time all working fine!! Even the DSP PCB works now!!!

Bastiaan van Goor, Henley-on-Thames, UK

I have reassembled my Arcam AVR300, after you overhauled the PSU PCB’s. It’s been operating for a day now. The sound is as strong and wonderful as it was when new. The FM is much stronger than before the mod – I now receive stations which were unreceivable before, and local stations are clear and strong.

Gregory Fielding, Roosevelt, NY, USA

After your repair and upgrade of my Arcam A65+ amplifier, I’m listening to my remastered Beatles and Miles Davis albums, with excellent results.
Sounds terrific, even with my number 2 Turntable. I appreciate your efforts to make it all possible.
I am very pleased with what you have accomplished, and I’m certain that I’m going to enjoy this for years to come.

Barrie Brayford, Toronto, ON, Canada

It is now about 2 weeks after I finished upgrading my NAD304 Amplifier, with your parts kit and upgrade guide.
I was listening to many audio CD’s, and some SACD’s as well.
It seems that the sound has more depth (it was not flat before, but it seems it’s deeper now).
This I observed mostly with Jazz/Blues music (like Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones).
My favorite song of the Eagles (Hotel California) seems to show more details in the upper tones.

I’m not good at describing sound, but the overall experience is good. It was worth working with the soldering iron for a few hours 🙂
Many thanks for your kind help and guide. This amp will stay with me for a long time, for sure.

Konrad Slezak, Warsaw, Poland

Thank you for a fantastic job on my Arcam CD92, and for your patience in what thankfully turned out to be limited troubleshooting for my mistake during reassembly of the PCB’s. I was blown away by the improved sound. Richer midrange, and bigger bass, and it’s even louder than before when set to the same volume position on the amp. I love the improved sound on this rare player. Thanks again!

Matt Palcic, Dayton, OH, USA

Listening to Chicago News Radio WBBM 780 AM, on my restored Panasonic RF-2200. 11PM local Washington DC time. 700 miles away from Washington DC sounds like 20 miles. Unreal! Outstanding job Menahem. FM kills, and yesterday I was listening to Radio Romania around 9,500KHz and it was 5 by 5. I can not believe how good it sounds.

Can’t thank you enough. My 18 year-old son was listening to the baseball game with me, and he could not believe the signal-strength and quality. It started a great conversation – I told him all about the good old days in the early 80’s when VOA and Radio Moscow would blast 500KW signals and I would be looking for Radio Cook Islands 5KW signal at 3 AM.

You are the man!

Brian Murphy, Leesburg, VA, USA

I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’m so glad that I purchased my Pioneer DVD player from you, and that you are willing to share your knowledge with others. I couldn’t have figured it out, without your expert assistance.

Pete Wilson, Pittsfield, MA, USA

I was very apprehensive about shipping my dead Philips Magnavox CDB650 to you, halfway around the world. After I got it back today, all I can say is WOW! It sounds great. You did a first-class job on the restoration. The Femto-clock mod is outstanding. I am very pleased with your work. It was a great pleasure doing business with you.

Carl Leonard, Walkersville, MD, USA

I am done with my NAD304, and it’s working perfectly! I am really happy with the result. BIG thanks that you made this possible. I hope it will last another 20 years now! In fact, it took me only one week of soldering, after I received the components from you.

Hvakim Johansson, Rydaholm, Sweden

About nine months ago you repaired my Onkyo receiver. Afterwards, I discovered that my turntable played LP records at an off-speed. Instead of confusing me about more repairs to the turntable, you got right to the point, and identified the solution that I should replace the original USA pulley with a 50Hz EU pulley. It took a few months to receive the new pulley, but it finally arrived today. Guess what? I’m now back to listening to my records at the correct speed.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance.

Joseph Strapp, Jerusalem, Israel

You may recall our Arcam AVR300 repair in New Zealand. The replacement DSP chip arrived, and I replaced it a few days ago. From not working at all, my Arcam receiver is now working just fine. Thanks very much for your help!

Brett Cowan, Auckland, New Zealand

My DUAL CV40 restoration project is a total success.

I know that DUAL has never been a recognized brand among enthusiasts, but my ears don’t lie – that amplifier plays better than my DENON home cinema in stereo! The stereo separation, details and warmth at least are incomparable. Not to mention that this little amp has no problem driving my set of Paradigm Monitor 7’s.

I’m entirely satisfied by the result, and moreover the service you provided to me. I don’t know if that amp was that good back in its young days, or we made it better by properly doing things and choosing the right components, but the final result is wonderful.

I want to thank you so much for the quality of service, professionalism and knowledge you gave me; it was a wonderful experience.

Charles Jean, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

After my ARCAM FMJ CD23 upgrade, the transport now operates perfectly: All my HDCDs and SACD Hybrids load immediately. The sound is more realistic and accurate, especially vocals! The bass is much deeper and more deliberate. On my familiar recordings, I hear little details which I had not heard before – jazz, blues, blues-rock, hard-rock, progressive-rock – I was amazed at the universality of the player. Thank you for your professional service.

Gershon Fishman, Tel Aviv, Israel

After I received my upgraded Arcam AVR350, I was doing some listening over the weekend – the sound quality has improved noticeably. Thanks again!

Jordi Gomez, Camas, WA USA

My BeoGram 6500 is SUPERB. Thanks again from a repeat customer!

Tony Westling, Falun, Sweden

My BeoCenter 9500 CD is working perfectly again. Thanks so much!

Nicholas Dicks, Norwich, UK

Thanks so much for your excellent service on our JVC and Sony VCR’s. You did what no other technician was able to do.

David Miner, Highland Park, NJ, USA

I can’t begin to thank you for all of the time you have put in on this AVP700 repair, week after week, as I’ve slowly worked through things at my end. Your dedication to getting everything functional again is the reason I’m at this point. Thank you again.

Liam Routt, Victoria, Australia

What a super upgrade to my BeoGram 6500! The sound is so alive now! Those OpAmps really make a difference.

Peter Shimba, South Bend, IN, USA

I’ve installed the PCB back in my Marantz CD player and I’m noticing a difference, more so in the drive of the music. The rhythm of the music seems more in-time, and so does the depth of the soundstage. I was listening to Coldplay’s latest album today, and with my system being high end as it is, it sounds very good, but today it was even better, especially with the depth to it. Thanks very much for the work you did.

Jonathan Doupe, Merseyside, UK

Menahem, thank you for repairing / upgrading my ARCAM AVR300, your workmanship was outstanding.
Your knowledge, guidance and support throughout the repair / upgrade was very much appreciated.
I am delighted that I have the AVR300 back working as it should, and I have no hesitation in recommending your professional services to potential customers.

Chris O’Reilly, Melbourne, Australia

My 35-year-old Beogram 4002 had lots of little glitches and then suddenly the tone-arm stopped working altogether. My thousand LPs were out of reach, lost to me. Menahem restored all the electronics to as-new condition at a very fair price, then guided me patiently and skillfully through the re-assembly.
It’s now a pleasure to operate and a delight to listen to. It makes me feel like shouting out loud. Menahem impressed me by not only his first-class workmanship, but also by the responsibility which he took to ensure that I ended up with a perfectly refurbished machine. Should anything ever go wrong again, I know a man who will put it right.
Service like this wasn’t around even in the good old days.

Timothy Macklem, London, UK

I want to thank you for your work on updating my Arcam CD92 player. The sound quality is much improved – Deep bass, the medium is neutral, and the treble is accurate and unaggressive.

Jean Pierre Weaner, St-Augustin, Quebec, Canada

Thanks a lot for your help and support with restoring my Beogram 4002. Everything looks and works perfectly now. I could not have done it without you. It is a very fine machine and sounds surprisingly good (I have a good modern system to compare with).

Kris Roevens, Schilde, Belgium

Listening to my upgraded Arcam AVR350, there’s a definite improvement with stereo music – for the first time, my rear speakers seem ‘connected’ and now part of the music (I usually listen to CDs on FX-Music or Dolby Pro II – I can’t choose between them). There’s more clarity and the separation seems ‘wider’ than the standard AVR350. Also, bass is more controlled and more complimentary – even with my mediocre Sub.
Long-term report: I’m very pleased with the AVR350 – it has surpassed my expectations!

Paul Carre, Sussex, UK

I am listening to my restored Mission PCM4000 CD, and I must admit it is quite an amazing sound – solid imaging and the clarity of detail is much improved over how it was originally. I am discovering subtleties in my favourite music which I never knew were there!

Alan Halls, Chonburi, Thailand

The sound quality of my restored Bang and Olufsen BeoCenter 9300 is quite ideal. Thanks and best regards.

Thomas Tam, Kowloon, Hong Kong

I am very happy with the complete restoration of my Bose Wave radio. In addition to bringing the electronic circuitry back to like-new condition, Menahem did excellent repairs to the case of my radio. The radio now looks and sounds brand new.

Trevor Monroe, Long Beach, CA, USA

My restored Beogram 4002 is playing flawlessly and everything is working. I am very satisfied with the result.

Arthur van Son, Makkum, Netherlands

Menahem has been a wonderful find for me. He has provided expert technical assistance on countless occasions and supplied parts at a reasonable price for Bang and Olufsen repair. He is prompt and pleasant in his correspondence. Highly recommended.

Shirl Cornwall, Flintridge, CA, USA

I just received my restored Arcam CD92 from you and it is spinning the whole day. The HDCD is now perfect – no noise at all. The sound is AMAZING!
A substantial improvement to what it was previously. I am very pleased 🙂

Zeev Schlik, Tel Aviv, Israel

Our Arcam AVR350 completely died after making some horrible screeching noises. Guided by your fabulously well documented total rebuild of your AVR350, I focused on the Main board and DSP board.
We were successful, and our expensive purchase wasn’t wasted. Thank you for your helpful advice and information, because without it, I would have not attempted the work.

Bennett Dodd, Huntsville, AL, USA

What a difference!! I’ve been working through my whole music collection since I received my restored Arcam CD92 back from you, and the improvement in sound quality is very impressive. The sound stage has taken on much greater depth; solo acoustic sounds such as Ralph Towner’s guitar or Bach’s suites for solo cello both have a much more naturalistic feel. I’m very pleased with my CD92 and would definitely recommend the upgrade. Your advice and service was first class.

Guy Riley, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Stunning! Breathtaking! I have died and gone to audio heaven, and I didn’t leave this to my kids! Forgive me for being so excited. I doubt whether Arcam understands what their CD92 is really capable of.

I mean, all they have to go by is what comes off their production line. But after Menahem has worked his magic…WOWWWWWW!!!! Just looking at his workmanship on the circuit boards shows that he is an absolute perfectionist.

Not even when this was brand-new, did I hear sound like this. Clear, Precise, Exact, LIVE!

Worth every penny, and more!

Don Rogers, London, England, UK

I’m very pleased with my BeoCenter 9500 after your restoration; it is truly light years from its original sound.

I will most certainly recommend your service in Chilean vintage audio gear forums, and amongst B&O enthusiasts.

Christian A. Dockendorff, Santiago, Chile

I am done! My Tektronix 2465B oscilloscope is now functional, and the display is not flickering (60Hz or so) anymore.

Thank you very much for all your help in my repair!

Bogdan Orasanu, Montreal, Canada

I couldn’t be happier with my restored Quadraphonic BeoGram 6000. It truly is spectacular! It exceeds my expectations in sound quality by so much, that I am not sure how to describe it! All the subtleties have returned to my vinyl collection and I have discovered nuances which I never knew existed.
I would highly recommend any purchase from you; your work quality is beyond compare. I probably couldn’t have found a source further away, I literally did go half way around the world to get the best that could be found, and I was successful!
I also have a BeoGram 8000 that I am considering sending to you for refurbishment. Thank you so much!

Michael Pastula, Makawao, HI, USA

I am listening to my repaired BeoGram 4002 as I type this. Thank you so much for your help! You are so much appreciated.

Danielle Richards, Geneva, NE, USA

Thank you so much for the restoration of my Proton 320 clock radio. It’s working just fine, and pulls in the stations superbly. It sounds great. They just don’t make clock radios like this anymore!

Pauline Hardy, Los Osos, CA, USA 

After your Opamp and Capacitor upgrade to the RIAA amplifier and Power Supply of my BeoGram 6500, it sounds very fluid, open and clear.  It has completely lost the bland midrange, from which it was suffering.

So very pleased…

Peter Crane, London, UK 

I recently acquired my father’s BeoGram 4002, and was so disappointed when I attempted to play the first record and the arm would not lower. I called a local repair shop, and he said that B&O is no longer providing support for their vintage equipment, and that I was out of luck.

After a Google search turned up your Website, I got the courage to try to fix it myself. I’m happy to report it is working wonderfully now, and am so excited listening to my father’s old phonograph. So thanks again!

Tres Watson, San Diego, CA, USA

My repaired Magnavox CDB650 player is superb!  The bass is more rhythmic (better timing), more dynamic, and each bass note is clearer.  Also, the midrange is startlingly realistic, the vocals really sound like the singers are in the room.  My wife and our guests (one of whom is a flat earth, vinyl records only kind of audiophile – all remarked about how lifelike (“analog” said my audiophile guest) the midrange is.  The transport loads the tracks and skips to the selected track much faster – due to your power supply regulation modification. Excellent workmanship, and super service!

Joel Covelman, Los Angeles CA, USA

Recently my Beogram TX-2 started giving me trouble. Since there are no B&O repair or service people in my area, I decided to try and make the adjustments myself. I downloaded the service manual from the Vinylengine and set to work however, things were not going according to plan. I then came across Mr Yachad’s B&O restoration guides, and I followed his e-mail link to ask for some advice.

Mr Yachad quickly responded with photos and instructions on exactly what to do. He was there for me every step of the way and after a couple e-mails back and forth, my Beogram was back up and running. He really knows his stuff. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for his help and expertise. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Kelvin Burtt, Saint John NB, Canada 

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the repair work you did on my computer and TV equipment.   We are still happily using the equipment I blew, when I put the 110V equipment into the 220V outlet.

I really appreciate the advice you give me over the phone when I need it.

Joe Kalker, Efrat, Israel

I have used Menahem quite a few times. He set up a new video for me and also restored an older one, which I was told to throw out. It still entertains me with super picture quality and sound. Menahem is very good about keeping time & his prices are very fair. Highly recommended!

Hilary Morris, Efrat, Israel

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re leaving our area. Until I found a really competent technician who backs up his promises with solid reliable action. You are truly rare. I’m sure you’ll get many more letters like this! May you have much success in your new home.

Ronit Heyman, Amiad, Israel

My old Elmo Super 8 film projector was dead, and had been in storage for years. Menahem restored it to new condition, and now we’re enjoying our old films again! He also looked after our old 1960’s RadioGram, and that’s playing LP’s happily again.

Andy Armon, Neve Daniel, Israel

Menahem, you are a wizard! My Panasonic RF-2200 was in such a bad state, that I thought it was ready for the garbage. It was filthy, and received absolutely no stations. A service centre told me to throw it away, and buy a new piece of Chinese garbage. You advised me that it was worth a mint on ebay, even in that condition, and when I got it back after your restoration, I was amazed. Cosmetically, it was like new, clean and shining. It receives stations from all over the world now, after your proper alignment (before you took care of it, I had no idea what an alignment was!).

Dr Ari Levin, Nov, Israel

I was really disappointed with the local technicians. My 1970’s Yamaha Receiver and Turntable had been in for service at 2 local service centers, and all they did was charge me money, and pretend that they fixed the problems. Then, you were recommended to me, and you made me no promises. But when I came to collect them, I was amazed. The turntable operates perfectly, and the receiver produces spectacular sound. You’ve given me a renewed pleasure in my treasured LP collection. Thank you!

David Lewis, Gush Etzion, Israel

Well, Menahem, it’s been 9 years, and I’m really sorry that you’re moving away. To tell the truth, I’m really concerned. I remember when you stopped by in 1999, and asked me if we needed a reliable technician for our Novell network. What really impressed me, was your assurance that we did not have to keep paying an expensive monthly maintenance contract (which we had been doing up until then) – you simply assured me that the cost of your regular annual periodic maintenance would never approach the cost of what we were paying on our service contract. And you kept your word. In the 9 years you took care of us, our Novell system never hiccupped, even once. You came in every 6 months or so, did what you had to do, and charged for your time. No system failures – ever! Oh sure, we upgraded every now and then, but it was at our discretion only. You proved to us that it was possible to achieve a zero-down-time network, something which no other technician was able to do. You know your Novell and network setups like nobody else we’ve had, and we’ve had plenty. You saved us thousands in computer maintenance, and you earned every penny we paid you! Truly a tech who put the customer’s needs before his own pocket! Best of luck in your move. We’ll miss you!

Klara Zur, Katzerin, Israel

One of our most loved possessions was a Bang & Olufsen BeoSystem 5000 including the iconic BeoMaster 5000 receiver, turntable, remote control unit and speakers.

Unfortunately over the years, the receiver’s sound had deteriorated and it would turn itself off, the speaker woofers were badly worn, in addition to sun-damaged cabinet veneer. My dilemma was between the choices of ditching this beloved system and buying a new music centre, OR repairing it, on the slight off-chance that I could find someone in Israel who truly understands the equipment and can restore it with love, without botching the job (my previous experience).

After looking and listening to the shiny new electronics on the market, I realized that it would cost a very serious sum of money to even approach the standard of this BeoSystem’s quality, so I decided to search for a restorer.

From my first phone call with Menahem, I could feel his excitement and love for restoring the equipment. Menahem explained patiently exactly what was involved and gave me a firm estimate with confidence. WOW! I did not realize what was involved, capacitors, diodes, etc all needed replacement, as well as tuner alignment. Throughout the process, Menahem kept in touch with me, updating me on progress. From around the world, he sourced the highest-quality components, improving on the original B&O specifications, as well as woofer replacements which sound better than the originals.

He restored the cabinet veneer to its former glory; the remote control and turntable were restored, and on the day for delivery, my expectations were high. But, to be honest, based on previous experience with other so-called “techs”, a small part of me was also bracing for disappointment. Then, with a Bob Marley disc loaded in the CD player, I powered up the BeoMaster 5000 and a sound so rich, deep and warm filled the room, truly inspiring.

If you have an old system, do not throw it away. Either restore it, or sell it to me, so I can restore it – the unfortunate truth is “They just don’t make ’em like this anymore”.

Martin Goldberg, Petah Tikva, Israel