Policies and Costs

Our main concern is your peace-of-mind before, during, and after the sale.


We ship worldwide by the following methods:

  1. Valuable Electronic Equipment – EMS ExpressMail. This is fully insured and trackable. Delivery time from 3-7 business days worldwide.
  2. Electronic Parts – Registered AirMail. This is uninsured, but trackable. You may specify an upgrade to EMS at extra cost. Delivery time from 7-20 business days worldwide.
  3. Printed Matter – SeaMail. Because Airmail is generally much more expensive, it makes sense to ship heavyweight low-value printed matter by sea. Insurance and tracking are optional at slightly extra cost. Delivery time from 15-60 business days worldwide.
  4. If you have an account with a worldwide shipper, feel free to specify them as your choice.


We aim to keep the cost of shipping honest and economical. Nobody likes to be fleeced. So it’s real simple.

We give you the weight of the shipment, so you can check the costs yourself on the IsraelPost website www.israelpost.co.il – Just click on the English button, at the top left.

Add $4.00 for packaging of printed materials, and up to $25 for packaging of large-sized expensive electronic equipment, and that’s the price you pay. No hidden, inflated costs.


We are proud that since we started selling internationally on ebay in 2003, we have NEVER had any equipment damaged in transit. The reason is real simple – we make the proper effort, and we don’t cut corners. All electronic equipment is double-boxed, using the strongest materials possible. First the equipment is packed in plastic, in its original carton, or a close substitute.  Then that carton is packaged inside another double- or triple-walled carton, with at least 5cm airspace on all sides. That airspace is then filled with polystyrene, to prevent any shocks damaging the equipment. It is then sealed completely with strong packaging tape.

Of course, this kind of quality packaging doesn’t come for free, but we think we do a really good job of keeping your mind at peace, so you don’t have to worry about damage-in-transit.

Printed matter is first sealed in plastic wrap to prevent any moisture damage from a sea voyage. Then it is wrapped in a cushioned envelope, or carton, depending on size. It is then sealed completely with strong packaging tape.


Full payment must be made before your goods are shipped.

We accept a direct bank transfer to our bank in Israel. Once you are ready to buy, we will give you details to make the transfer.

We also accept Paypal, and we charge a 5% commission on the final purchase price, if you choose to use this method.

In Israel we accept local cheques, but we require a waiting period of 7 business days to ensure that the funds have cleared.


On all work, we offer a six-month warranty on the work which we have completed. On all jobs, we will tell you clearly about all the as-yet-undiscovered faults about to happen in the near future, so that you do not have to go through the frustrating experience of having another failure, a few weeks or months after you just got your equipment back.

We believe that it is entirely dishonest to just do a single-point-repair at low-cost, when it is perfectly obvious to the technician’s trained eye, that there are other components about to fail in the near future. As far as we are concerned, all those soon-to-fail areas must be taken care of at the same time. This is what we call “Real Value For Money”.

If you need to return any equipment for warranty repair, you must contact us first to obtain an RMA, and then pay for the Return Shipping costs. In certain cases, we may authorize a local technician in your area to do the work under our supervision.


All Israeli customers must pay 16% VAT on top of the quoted price. Export customers do not pay VAT. All customers receive an official tax-invoice, showing VAT paid or not-paid.

Any Customs Duties and Taxes on all exported equipment are the responsibility of the buyer, and must be paid by the buyer, upon arrival in the destination country.